** Appointment of Preferred Bidder for the Rabigh 3 IWP Project Announced **

Message from the CEO:

In the name of Allah the beneficent the merciful



It is my pleasure to be at WEC’s desk and express my gratitude to the leaders of this Kingdom for their patronage and continuous support for two important sectors of water and electricity, in order to satisfy the increasing public demands.


Also, We render sincere thanks to our success partners for supporting our commitment to stand the responsibility as the Principal Offtaker of KSA water projects in accordance with the recent directives from the Council of Ministers (Resolution 494).


As much as WEC’s foundation process was significant with the issuance of directives from the Supreme Economic Council (Resolution 5/23), establishing futuristic vision and setting up comprehensive strategies with promising and lucrative investment opportunities to build, own and operate massive dual production projects, WEC is now seeing new horizons with expansion.


Since the establishment, the company has successfully developed and controlled implementation of mega projects eg. Shuaibah Phase-3, Shuqaiq Phase-2 IWPPs and Shuaibah RO Expansion IWP with the participation of private sector.


With a mission to plan and procure water and by-products with efficiency and sustainability, WEC is introducing several IWP, IWPP and STP projects; Shuaibah Phase-3 Expansion-2 IWP is worth mentioning while bidding process for Rabigh-3 IWP is under way with a capacity of 600,000 m3/d.


The demand for water in KSA is ever increasing and the government is encouraging Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the water sector.  To meet this demand, in the next 5 years, WEC is aiming to develop and control at least six (6) IWP/IWPP projects with a combined water production capacity of 2,910,000 m3/d (which is about 63% increase in the government’s current desal water production of ~4.7 Mn m3/d in the Kingdom), apart from the STP projects with a combined water capacity of 1,086,000 m3/d (i.e. around 49.5% increase in the total Treated Waste Water Production in KSA).


There are direct positive impacts for undertaking these pioneering projects with attractive investment opportunities, i.e. securing access to water and power, implementing state-of-the-art technologies which will effectively result in efficiency and competence of our national cadre in several aspects such as plant engineering, managing & monitoring production, quality assurance and industrial management etc. thus creating more job opportunities for Saudi generations and increasing trend of economic growth in the Kingdom in various sectors such as agriculture, industrial and construction and so forth.


To fulfill the needs and address all aspects of such huge transactions, WEC is now gearing up for a massive transition from a limited liability company to a Government owned entity with the expansion in scope of work, while the ‘Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MOWE)’ and ‘Ministry of Finance (MOF)’ have applied great efforts and worked with all concerned parties to reach this strategic decision which is in the process of supporting the Vision 2030 of the Kingdom.


It is an honor for us at WEC to be on the lead in executing these strategies and seek blessings from Almighty Allah (SWT) to serve our Kingdom.



Khaled bin Zwaid AlQureshi